1. Yo, Yal' remember that Hip-Hop Classic "Rock The House"?  

Did ya know the "Sanford & Son" underwater idea came from Ready Rock C when he was  playing around, drinking and blowing bubbles while humming the "Sanford and Son" song?    


2. Is everyone down with gamin' or what? Console, PC, or human beat box, you choose!    

Did ya know that Ready Rock 's favorite game in the 80's was Donkey Kong? Now its Unreal Tournament and he plays it on-line.  


3. We all know that the God-Father of soul is Funky, but we have to give props where props are due.  

Did ya know the voice saying "GET DOWN" through out the song "BRAND NEW FUNK" on the "He's the DJ I'm The Rapper" album is READY ROCK C and NOT JAMES BROWN? Although, James Brown was used in that song.    


4. A down-to-earth multi-talented celebrity he definitely is but...  

Did ya know that Ready Rock was also a DJ, and that he was the drummer of a Fun / Rock Band in the late 70's?    


5. Ready Rock C, the Human LynnDrum, The Hardest Working Beatbox in showbiz, what's in a name?  

Did ya know that Ready's Nick name is Clate a.k.a. Clay.    


6. All celebrities love fan mail, but...  

Did ya know that out of thousands and thousands of fan mail letters, Ready Rock C only received one and that was by accident. Ready says that Will did not want him to know that he had fans too.