ARTIST: Nostra

ALBUM: Compilation 1

YEAR: 2005



Family Nostra - South Philadelphias primo Italian - American hip-hop unit, is all about it. Everything we do i all within and about us. We keep it in the family, says Dylan, best known as Lynx Dub. That way the players don't get an opportunity to burn us.


Dylan, 22, Johnny Quest, 18, Antonio Live, 20 may be part of the hip hop community, they may be creatures of their own neighborhood that houses the band, its studio. But theres something tightly wound and proud about the guys who have just finished their debut CD "This Thing of Ours". We just know each other from the neighborhood.


Different blocks, says Dylan, a cross-corner meeting is what brought us together. One night on the block, we started talking and it happened. Nostra, though inspired by Jay Zs all-encompassing business smarts and the occassionally Billy Joel tune (sampled for First Love), are each others greatest influence.


Jay Z says it so that everybody understands it. We have the same power behind us. We don't beat around the bush. We get our point across then were out. Plus we make each other laugh. They went from studio to studio and were offered deals in the process. Nothing to jump at.

So they built their own studio, did their own beats and tracks (with mix master Wolfie) and became the bullet-blunt Nostra, stone-cold hardcore hip-hop with some tasty soul wound throgh This Thing. The name of the band and the CD itself is signifying thing - just representing their nationality, their city. No Sopranos crap. Quest is laid bak and surprisingly in your face, funny and direct.


Quest is like the white Chris Tucker, says Dylan about his brethrens potential for stand-up comedy. Dylan is low-key, minds his own business. Point-made then out. Antonio is the thugged out, street hustling one. Together, they melt into one, striking cool chords with the true-to life First Love, the chubby clubby Tony B, beat-driven This Is How We Get Down and the raw bone soul of Fuckin With Us a title that pretty much dares you to do what they say. Our mottos uomo e uomo man to man thats how it is. With Nostra thats how it'll always be.